Our Team is Highly Proficient in the Latest Innovations in Vascular Access

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Our Team is Highly Proficient in the Latest Innovations in vascular access

About Us


Mission Statement

IV Nurse Consultants Inc. strives to provide the highest quality healthcare, consulting, and education to the medical professionals, patients/residents, and the community.  We provide the most current, up-to-date products that meet or exceed the expectations of those we serve and educate.  We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership.


Commitment to Quality

At IVNC, we work everyday to achieve optimal patient/resident outcome while delivering the best care and experience possible.  

Our client and patient/resident satisfaction is our highest priority.  We achieve this goal by being comprised of registered nurses that are trained vascular access specialists in the bedside insertion of PICC, midline and peripheral lines.  As a mobile vascular access team, we can potentially save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by reducing the cost related to sending their patients/residents to the hospital for line placement and/or having an in-house PICC team.

We are built on excellence and professionalism .  We are nurse-driven and strive to maintain a high level of patient care and safety.  Quality is the core founding principle behind all of our work policies and practices, and we will not sacrifice quality to save on operating costs.  Clients tell us this commitment to quality gives them confidence in our services.  


Specializing in the Health Care Field

Vascular Access has become a more diversified science.  It cannot be handled casually, but requires the precision and knowledge of an expert.  The crucial elements in IV therapy are education, training, responsibility and accountability.

IVNC provides basic, advanced and in-service programs for our clients staff in relations to insertions, care and maintenance, flushing, removal and general vascular access/device information at your location or ours.  We are continuously updating our programs based on the changes in healthcare standards and continue to keep our clients up to date as well. 

Who We Are


IV Nurse Consultants is a team of Vascular Access Specialists

I V Nurse Consultants is a team of IV experts devoted to the delivery of high-quality health care .

We are proud to offer consultation services and promote education to the medical fraternity and the community at large.    Our operational capacity is boosted by the deployment of the latest IV technologies and products, helping us satisfy the needs of the health care centers we serve and the people we train. We treat every person with respect as we strive to excel and demonstrate leadership in this area of medical practice.

 At I V Nurse Consultants, we hold quality in high regard, and this is demonstrated in the quality of the healthcare we provide and our medical training materials and facilities. To meet the ever-dynamic health needs and healthcare setting, we keep researching and using the most advanced medical procedures.

 Our efforts and policies, and commitment to high-quality education have made us excel and stand out in the provision of health services training. We specialize in the provision of intravenous therapy, a highly diverse and complicated medical field.


Susanne Doppke RN, BSA - President / Owner


Prior to the inception of IV Nurse Consultants, I was a Registered Nurse for 21 years at a Portland, Oregon hospital. I was Charge Nurse of both the IV and Emergency Departments where we specialized in trauma and cardiac issues. I assisted in the implementation of educational programs, policies and procedures, and quality assurance activities. I also taught nurses, student nurses and paramedics IV therapy. 

In 1990, I moved to Tacoma, WA and within a few years, I took on numerous new roles within the community. I began working for a major pulmonary group, which led to doing clinical trials for a medical research company. During that time, I was approached by a leading Tacoma community college to develop and teach an IV Therapy Program. While establishing the program, I began to pursue my state teaching certificate. I was then approached by a pharmaceutical company to manage their IV team.

As more and more doors opened, I was able to use many of the skills I had learned over the years. My passion for nursing and education grew, and demand for my services grew. 

In 1995, I asked my family what they thought about me starting my own businesses as an IV team supporting a pharmaceutical company. My family was extremely supportive and said I "should go for it." My dad, who is the wind beneath my wings, cinched the deal for me. When talking about my future opportunities, he said, “My daughters can do anything. If this is what you want to do, you should think big and do it.” Thus it was, with the confidence and encouragement of my family, I opened IV Nurse Consultants in 1995.

Today, we have turned into a rapidly growing company. IV Nurse Consultants (IVNC), our Mobile Vascular Access Specialist Team, is dedicated to the insertion of peripheral lines (PIV), midlines, peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC), and to providing associated training. Increasing patient satisfaction, while reducing costs, with bedside placement utilizing ultrasound-assisted vascular access portable equipment is our purpose. In addition, College of Medical Training (CoMT), our continuing education division, specializes in higher education, using classroom techniques and hands-on training. IV Nurse Consultants (IVNC), services the western portion of Washington and is now expanding to cover areas within western Oregon, and is moving toward expanding into the eastern side of both states. We have a seasoned management team, a solid business operation, and a roster of long term clients who are the best testament of our success. 

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Thank you, 

Susanne Doppke RN, BSA